Shark Tank Success Story Skyrockets In Value

Making their way onto shark tanks fourth season in 2012, the Mastronardo brothers Daniel 26, Kyle 28, Keith 24, and DJ, 30, prepared to make their offer. They offered 50% of their Tampa Bay, FL based company, as well as access to the name change to ensure a secure investment.

Here is a recap of how it happened and it left us speechless:

Mark Cuban seemed to really enjoy the presentation until all his enthusiasm melts away after hearing the sales numbers. Once the Brothers point out that Nardo’s Natural is just beginning to get into the stores with 17 so far, that helped bring back a little enthusiasm as a business investment.

Daymond John asked how much the 4 Brothers have invested in the Nardo’s Natural Business which is only $35k so far. The projection for the business over the next two years is $4.8 million in total sales which of course has Kevin O’Leary wondering how they plan to grow this business so fast

Barbara Corcoran Took the deal, and offered them $75,000 in return for 50% equity of the company, but surprisingly let them keep their Family Named Company.

As such, This story begins with four brothers who discover the benefits of using coconut oil for your skin, and end up as Shark Tank Success Stories!

The Mastronardo brothers became inspired to produce a skin care line formulated by ingredients that are 100% organic.

Nardo Natural Skincare, launched in 2009, showed signs of initial success even before appearing on shark tank. Only a few months in, they had developed the first moisturizer in their own kitchen, and since have introduced a wide variety of USDA certified organic products and continue to grow daily.

Within two years of their 2012 appearance on the show, Nardo’s skin care went from $30,000 in sales to $1 million. They have expanded into producing private label products for entrepreneurs to sell their own skin care products using their own name and marketing strategies.

Danny says, “in the beginning we were working tirelessly distributing via wholesale which is very similar to many of the other companies who appear on shark Tank, but once our products reached larger markets, increase started to pour in for private label producing for our products. Now 80% of our company revolves around private label and launching products for individuals seeking their own journeys as entrepreneurs”

The success comes from each of the brothers possessing their own set of skills contributing to the synchronicity and the success of the skincare line.

“Our Family has always been extremely close knit”, said Danny, “each of us carries a specific strength and the business thrives off of our passion and our commitment”

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