See What Coconut Oil Can Do For You

I never thought I’d ever say this but coconut oil and its multitude of uses has changed my life for the good…forever. You may not have as immense a transformation as I did but after I point out all the advantages of coconut oil in your life, you may want to think twice about its ability to be a game-changer for sizable health and beauty benefits.

Watching how bad and easy the shaving gel falls off your legs once the water hits, without getting a chance to shave at all? You’ve heard the expression oil and water don’t mix? Well, that certainly rings true here because not only will it not slide off it will also give necessary moisture for your razor to glide smoothly over your skin without any marks. Gain gorgeously moisturized and smooth legs with not much to it. Guys, don’t feel left out because this works for you too!

Having problems with bags under your eyes? Don’t break the bank on specialized eye creams and serums because all it takes is a little dab of coconut oil on a clean area under the eyes every night for max effect. The improvements will be noticeable in a shorter amount of time as these signs of not getting ample sleep as well as aging; will be a thing of the past.

For those wanting the long eyelashes they see on the globe’s hottest women, consumers will flock in droves to cosmetic counters everywhere in search of the answer. Unfortunately, there are too many products out there that promise the moon but don’t deliver. All you need is to smooth out a small portion of coconut oil onto cleansed eye lashes at night. The natural proteins inherent inside will not only prevent eyelash breakage they’ll also spur eyelash growth.

If you have some potted plants that are supposed to illuminate brightly, you could try to buy a vast amount of supposed plant polishes but all you need is a little coconut oil rubbed into the plant’s leaves. This won’t leave behind a waxy buildup that can also stunt the plant’s growth and attract dust as well.

With so many energy boosters out there it’s hard to find out which one is true blue. Energy drinks, pep pills, etc. have been touted as the best thing to rejuvenate you. Don’t bother wasting your money with these products when all it takes is a tablespoon of coconut oil instead. This is sure to kick start you the natural way.

For those of you that deal with problem zippers and the headaches and pinched fingers that follow     …look no further. Use a small amount of coconut oil on the jammed bit of the zipper. Just remember to let this soak in for a couple seconds before watching it glide with ease.

Got kids that love to play with Sharpies that mark all over walls, objects and especially skin? Before trying in vain to wash these marks off from both you and your kids, leave a little coconut oil on for a few minutes then watch with a pleasant surprise after leaving it on for a few minutes that a damp sponge wipes off the dreaded ink with ease.

Whenever humidity acts up it’s usually an unfortunate sign that hair frizz will follow. The top products do the job, but not as consistently as coconut oil can deliver. Use the oil as a deep conditioning treatment a couple times per week post shampooing, with a tiny, very tiny amount added to the ends of your hair. This will not only be effective but make your hair smell sweetly as well.

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