President Obama Talks Trump and Post-Presidency Future

Stream Fan News politico insiders got news of President Barack Obama having a sit-down interview with Rolling Stone editor and publisher Jann S. Wenner a day after the election. Obama took time to take on questions about his presidential legacy, Donald Trump’s victory and what the future holds for him and First Lady Michelle Obama once they leave.

Since the interview started mere hours after Trump’s shocking upset of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, President Obama discussed the election. Obama mentioned how he was “disappointed because he felt Hillary Clinton would’ve been a fine president. That’s the thing about democracy,” he continued. “The human element is the variable greatly involved in this and even though the odds of Donald Trump winning were always around 20%, even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, it wasn’t a miracle he won.”

Obama was a devoted supporter of Clinton throughout her campaign and also spoke on what a Trump presidency would entail. Obama mused that the next Supreme Court Justice won’t have a grasp of his understanding of the Constitution, any progress made on “climate change will be threatened” and the Affordable Care Act will be amended and eventually hurt some constituents.

Obama was proud of what he accomplished during his term including a stronger economy, a more efficient federal government and an elevated world stature. Obama’s immediate future will be enjoying a well-deserved vacation as well as penning a new book. He mentioned that Michelle would never run for office but they will continue to be involved in politics.

As for Trump, SFN has learned that Obama revealed that the President makes decisions he feels are right for the people even if not popular or done quickly. The satisfaction received when you leave the Oval Office is that you’ve been true to the privilege and responsibility given to you.

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