Pres. Elect Trump Talks Conflict-of-Interest

SFN has discovered through multiple sources and insiders that President-elect Donald Trump announced on Twitter, Wednesday, November 30, that he’s set to be leaving his family business and the entire Trump Organization empire behind to focus on his upcoming presidential term.

President Trump did mention that he’d be helming a major news conference in New York on December 15, with his children by his side, to address that he will be fully leaving his business interests to focus on running the country and “making America great again”.

Trump disclosed that while he was not mandated to do this under the law he believed that it was visually and structurally vital for the President to in no way haave a conflict-of-interest with his numerous businesses. SFN has also discovered that there are legal documents that have already been completed to take himself comprehensively out of his businesses because the Presidency is a far more vital task. While he was campaigning up to the election, Trump mentioned that he would eventually turn over his 500 businesses to his offspring.

Trump’s decision comes only two days after a New York Times article that shed light on Trump’s conflict-of-interest issues, especially with the distinct possibility that foreign countries or even corporate interests could taint his Presidency through bribes. Insiders mentioned to Stream Fan News that this was exposed as a NYT writer was allegedly told be a chief exec of one of the largest companies in the country that he was going to stay at the “new Trump International Hotel” on Pennsylvania Avenue to easily gain favor with the new administration. Trump’s inauguration is set to take place in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 20.

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