Halima Aden Makes Miss Minnesota History

Halima Aden is a Somali-American teenager but is not the typical average pageant hopeful. This fact actually causes her to glow with pride. SFN has discoverd that Aden’s participation in the most recent Miss Minnesota pageant found her wearing a traditional hijab and burkini instead of the usual ball gown and revealing bikini garb.

Aden spoke to SFN reporters and admitted that a lot of people look at you and fail to see your beauty because you’re covered up and they are not used to it. Aden remembered that when she was growing up she had to work tirelessly on her people skills so individuals would have a better chance of getting to know her for much more that what she looks like on the outside. SFN also mentioned that Aden’s attractiveness was as clear as day to everyone involved in the contest. She received a grand applause from the crowd when she walked the stage in a navy blue embroidered burkini during the swimsuit portion of the pageant. She also wore a golden headscarf and high-heeled booties to round out her first-of-its-kind ensemble.

In the formal wear competition, Aden, who is currently a freshman at St. Cloud State University, wore a black and red gown that had a skirt printed with blooms. Aden told SFN that she was there to eliminate the misconceptions and stereotypes of Muslim women.

In spite of not winning the Miss Minnesota crown, Aden did place in the top 15. Aden stated to SFN that she knows the importance of just competing meant more than actually winning the crown. She was ecstatic to discover heartfelt messages from young women and parents, especially those that had been bullied and mocked for whatever religous attire they wore.

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