Angelina Ditches Latest Movie

Tinseltown sources confirm that Angelina Jolie has quit a major Hollywood motion picture so she doesn’t have to work with her iconic ex, Brad Pitt.

The famed celebrity duo who’ve been in two Hollywood vehicles, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and By The Sea, were rumored to have spent a good several years trying to get Africa into production. This biopic is the story of archaeologist Dr. Richard Leakey, who was the leading voice and champion for the end of elephant poaching. Adding confusion to the mix, none of the sources close to the movie’s producers have mentioned Jolie wanting to leave the project as well as stepping down from the director’s chair.

Messages from Fan’s came in by the 1000s after hearing the news of Angelina seemingly abandoning her Holllywood persona.

With all this going on, Pitt still wants to push through especially since the movie has been a repeated nightmare to get off the ground since its inception. In fact, it’s only been the last couple of weeks that Jolie is rumored to have wanted to step down and have nothing to do with the movie.

Movie insiders claim that Pitt was still focused on being in the film since he’d already filmed in Africa before, in the picture, Seven Years in Tibet. However, now Jolie wants nothing to do with him whether personal or professional.

The initial buzz about Africa was that the two were set to embark on this movie with Pitt being the star. Africa has actually been in pre-production for several years with scuttlebutt persisting that Jolie was at odds creatively with the movie’s producer, Skydance Productions. Not only did Jolie particularly care for the idea of this being a love story, financial issues also infiltrated the project.

With details surfacing about Jolie wanting to abandon the project, it comes at a time when Pitt is desperate to see his children. Pitt has been characterized as being overtly emotional and stunned by Jolie’s decision to terminate their union. Claims have been asserted that Jolie had threatened this in the past but that Pitt felt she wouldn’t file the papers this time as there’d been no follow through on it in the past.

Pitt as recently as November of 2016 has been cleared of any wrongdoing in an FBI investigation into alleged child abuse of the couple’s 15-year-old son, Maddox.

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