Amy Schumer In Goldie Hawn’s Final Movie: Snatched

Amy Schumer has the distinction of starring with female comedic icon, Goldie Hawn in Hawn’s final movie. They are both set to star in an upcoming release that now has an official title: Snatched. The movie’s filming finished last August and is directed by Jonathan Levine, who also directed Jonathan Gordon-Levitt and Anna Kendrick in 50/50 (2011), Warm Bodies (2013) and The Night Before (2015). This past December, Schumer went on Twitter to give a shoutout to her fans around the globe that her soon-to-be-released movie now has a title.

Fans of Hawn are ecstatic about Snatched, however, rumors and insiders have corroborated that this will be Hawn’s final motion picture appearance.

Snatched is Hawn’s return to the movies in over a decade. Her last feature was with Susan Sarandon in 2002’s “The Banger Sisters”. Hawn’s upcoming feature was adapted from a screenplay from the movie’s executive producer, Katie Dippold. The movie is influenced by Dippold’s own relations with her mother as the film centers around a family vacation that has gone to pieces.

Dippold stated during a recent interview that she started dreaming about this a type of crazy vacation taken somewhere. She further explained that she took the movie off a normal path just to stir things up a bit. She then related about having a movie version of this possibility, as the lead, Schumer, goes off the tracks and everything her mother, Hawn, feared is correct.

Hawn’s rise blossomed when she won the Oscar in 1969 for Best Supporting Actress for her role opposite Walter Matthau and Ingrid Bergman in Cactus Flower. Hawn was nominated again over a decade later for her lead actress role in the military comedy Private Benjamin, in 1980, along with Best Supporting Actress nominee, Eileen Brennan. Schumer is widely known and revered for her comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, on Comedy Central. She is also familiar to many for her latest film from 2015, Trainwreck, starring opposite comedian Bill Hader and NBA icon, LeBron James.

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