Fans Disappointed With Gilmore Girls Redux

Sometimes long-awaited TV revivals don’t always hit the mark. The recent case in point is the latest reincarnation of the Gilmore Girls, launched on Netflix. The three main female cast members were back, including, Lauren Graham, Alexis Biedel and Melissa McCarthy. Although McCarthy only appeared in the initial episode, this is a far cry from when the show was at its height in popularity.

Longtime McCarthy fans of the critically-acclaimed drama weren’t too overjoyed and ended up less than impressed by the comeback episode, subtitled A Year In The Life. It didn’t take long for her admirers to voice their displeasure as followers took to Twitter to vent their frustrations. It seemed like the closing credits couldn’t be done fast enough as fans wasted no time airing their negativity.

Some critiqued the drama redux as “basically okay” although the consensus was that the first episode was basically “boring”. Others claimed the new offering left them with “profound sadness” and that even though some viewers were going to give the new show a chance they were completely disinterested and annoyed by the show’s “glacial pace”. Yet others pointed to the musical quality of the new show as completely unnecessary and desired a catchup with the characters instead.

Hardcore fanatics are seemingly mystified by the slower pace, especially since the show’s production team remains pretty much intact from the last decade. Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is back as well as her producing/writing partner husband, Daniel Palladino. Daniel served as director, executive producer and writer during the show’s first run from 2000 to 2007.

Some dismay was unfortunate and not planned as the show’s patriarch, the late Edward Hermann, who passed away this past New Year’s Eve, left a huge void in the family, cast and show and that leads to a completely different feel without him. The aforementioned McCarthy has only been in one episode and this departure has led to a comedic void that has only been slightly revived by Paris (actress Liza Weil).

For Netflix, this Gilmore Girls vehicle scheduled to serve as a massive boost to the online giant’s thirst for burgeoning nostalgia programming such as the Full House equivalent, Fuller House.

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